Mezintel MWD Tracker

The jobs whiteboard: smudged, scrawled, and just never big enough.

Mezintel MWD Tracker was inspired by a real need to replace the MWD coordinators white board with a software application that ties in MWD jobs, staff scheduling, tool inventory, tool repair status, and tools location data to create a better solution that could really keep track of all the equipment, sub-assemblies, and personnel.

This MWD jobs and tool tracking software does all this and much more:
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Equipment and Subcomponent Hierarchies.

The system tracks what parts belong within which kits, so when usage is recorded on a high-level kit, it adds this to each of the subcomponents automatically.

Maintenance Tracking.

Using Service hours this application tracks wear-and-tear on parts so that maintenance can be scheduled at proper times. After a part is serviced, its wear and tear clocks are automatically reset.

Assemble Kits as EM or Mudpulse.

By simply dragging a kit’s serial number into a kit-type node, MWD Tracker guides you to assemble (or re-assemble) the kit as different type, for example EM or Mud Pulse.

Varied User Privileges.

With modules designed specifically for maintenance, field, and operations staff, each type of user can interact with the program to access the data and types of reports they need without compromising data integrity.

Staff Scheduling.

Keeps records of which staff have been assigned to which job locations. When combined with the equipment records, this aids in sending tools and personnel from job to job without losing track of locations.

Features of Mezintel Jobs & Tools Tracker

COUNT: Enhanced Inventory Management

MWD Tracker allows you to either retain the inventory organization structure that you find most efficient, or adopt a new ideal structure. The software allows you to organize your equipment by tool groups, part names, and part types, therefore enabling you in the following ways:

  • You can digitally group and label your tools and parts as you would physically. By doing so, you can quickly identify and count your parts.
  • You can create templates for specific assembly tools, so that any other user can easily build a tool correctly.
  • You can flag tools that are active, rentals, sold, or inactive, appropriately.
  • You can simply transfer a kit or assembly tool, append utilization time to it, or update its status and be certain that all its subcomponents inherit the updates appropriately.

TRACK: Comprehensive Historical Data

MWD Tracker allows you to take a snapshot of a tool’s state when you wish, and it also automatically takes snapshots when tools are built, serviced, relocated, etc. Since the software understands the hierarchical structure of MWD tools, it makes sure that subcomponents inherit updates made to their parent tool. So, in case of a mishap, you will know the who, what, when, and where, so that you can quickly figure out the why and how.

You will know:

  • Who - which tools, parts, and technicians were involved,
  • What happened (as noted by the technician),
  • When the event was recorded or happened, and
  • Where - which location (well, job type, shop, etc) the event occurred at.

So, you can know Why and How the event happened.

LOCATE: Remote Updates.

By assigning kits and staff to a job using MWD Tracker, it reminds you of where they are at a given time. Beyond this, the system enables to know what is happening at the location and to the tool away from the shop.

There is special module for field technicians to:

  • Update the rig’s status,
  • Specify BHA runs,
  • Append hours to tools,
  • Record incidents, and etc.


Mezintel MWD Tracker is priced affordably —
your fees are per bit run day of each job it monitored.
Call us today for details on pricing.
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