Mezintel Gamma Remote

A remote monitoring system that produces intelligence you can see and believe.

With the valuable intel produced by Mezintel Gamma delivered directly from the field to your office, you can monitor and control data remotely.

Instantly access all the vital signs of your MWD job, with none of the worries about security or accuracy.
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Monitor vital signs in one view.

A clear picture of drilling depth, orientation of the drilling bit and the rate of penetration, all in a user-friendly interface.

Manage each job.

Remotely edit reports, bit runs, surveys, gamma plots, ROP plots and system configuration.

Easy data distribution.

Pull job reports automatically with a single click, then export the data — painlessly and instantly.

Lower labour costs.

Remote monitoring allows for a reduction in field staff from two operators to one, lowering the cost of labour in the process.

Auto backup.

An automated backup process archives data twice daily, ensuring valuable data isn’t lost.

Features of Mezintel Gamma Remote

Simultaneous Multi-system Monitoring

One instance of Mezintel Gamma Remote can monitor the activity status of up to 8 gamma jobs, 5 of which displays their vital data for in one view.

If you need to monitor more than 8 jobs, you can simply run more instances of the application and connect all your field gamma jobs to your office.

MWD Job Management

You can zoom in on a remote gamma job to edit plots, surveys, bitruns, and even configure the Mezintel Gamma on the field computer.

Mezintel Gamma Remote is designed to let you perform your duties with confidence: upon command, the field computer sends discreet packages of data that can be manipulated seamlessly from the office and returned with ‘edit bookmarks’ when saved.

1-Click Auto Reporting

With a single click you can automatically pull LAS reports, PDF log, or Surveys from the field computer. You can then print these reports or send them directly to your clients from within Mezintel Gamma Remote.

The application also helps you maintain your reporting schedule by telling you when you last pulled each report.

Remote Job Backup

You can back-up multiple jobs that are in remote locations. You simply click once to pull a clone of the job — about 3 MB file size — from the field computer.


You can use Mezintel Gamma Remote by purchasing either
a perpetual license or a fair term license renewable at a daily rate.
Call us today for details on pricing.
Remember, at Mezintel you’ll always have direct access to our programmers.
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