A Record of Precision

Founded in 2005, our company`s first major application was Mezintel Gamma, an MWD (measurement while drilling) application launched in 2009. The program spread via word of mouth, and now has over 80% market share in Canada.

Success with Gamma allowed Mezintel to invest creative energy in developing other applications. In 2007, development began on a workflow application for Geotechnical Testing labs, called BreakTest, which was soft-launched in 2011 through 2012, with a broader launch planned for 2013. As an offshoot of Gamma, Mezintel also developed enhancements for its drilling clients.

In 2011 and 2012 respectively, Jobs & Tool Tracker and Depth Tracker were launched. Jobs & Tools Tracker is software that tracks equipment, sub components and personnel on specific drilling jobs. Depth Tracker is a hardware and software kit that senses and transmits depth information while drilling.

At Mezintel, our clients have told us that our best strength is the ease by which they can speak directly to our key programming personnel, who provide technical support, and respond quickly with product improvements. Keeping this line of communication open, no matter how much we grow, is how we plan to offer applications that reflect a superior understanding of our clients` industries.

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