Beyond the Numbers

1. Speak directly to the head programmers.

Too often, software vendors outsource their high-level programming, and can never give clients direct access to the people who can fix their issues. At Mezintel, we insist on that direct access, preventing "loss in translation" issues and allowing real creative collaboration. That`s how our products go from "good" to "outstanding!"

2. We love your challenge.

Software programming is meaningless unless you, our client, share your real-world obstacles and give us a shot at handling them. We look at each new challenge as another step toward greatness, and we literally spring into action.

3. No feature is unimportant.

There are certain "core" features that make a product function. But it`s the other things that make a user truly happy with it. We ensure clients get that last 5 - 10% of "sweat equity" effort to make the product excellent.

4. You`re not "boxed in."

Never assume the product cannot be changed. There are many routes toward an end goal, and we never consider our products "boxed" in the sense of "you get what you get." Just ask!

5. The human (you) isn`t at fault.

If something in the software isn`t intuitive, we consider it a software problem, not a user issue. If there`s a drop down menu with one selection in it, why should you have to make a selection at all? Does the cursor jump to a step that isn`t the next mentally natural one? These kinds of issue are the reason we always seek continual user input.

6. We anticipate your hardware sufferings.

Have you ever had a tiny piece of hardware, such as a communication port, malfunction and make the entire system crash? So have we. That`s why when we install software, we check out your system, make recommendations, and provide a little value added - like good-quality connectors.

7. Achieving the "X" factor.

We want you to love our products for many reasons, not just one single factor. When all of these reasons are combined, your experience should create an "intangible" feeling of your being exceptionally well understood. Until we achieve that, we never consider our work "done."

8. Excellence has no shortcuts.

A great product comes from effort, not talent. We don`t launch products after 3 months, or even 3 years of development. It takes 5 to 7 years of uncommon determination, drive and the willingness to "bleed" over perfecting a product before we consider it worthy to market. The products we present to our clients come with our absolute confidence we have invested the very best of ourselves into them, ensuring we can stand by their performance.

9. We refuse to "cheap out" in the last mile.

After investing thousands of hours in the functionality, why would we not invest in having beautifully design icons, attractive labeling, or a well-designed marketing program? It`s a philosophy we`ll stand by.

10. We think of programming as being CREATIVE.

A lot of people think programmers are robot-like people who simply grind out code because they "know that language" and have some technical ability. Programming is actually a tremendously creative endeavor, where greatness is determined by the imagination of how a human will behave when interacting with the finished product. We consider ourselves true students of user behavior, which also is why we insist on the ongoing input of our clients.

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