Hit pay dirt. BreakTest saves time, and could very well multiply your lab’s throughput.

After searching globally for a software solution, a client approached Mezintel to develop a solution for its concrete and soils testing lab, which was struggling to manage enormous amounts of paperwork. After 5 years of extensive development, BreakTest was launched in 2010, initially with the concrete module, and two years later, with a soils module.

By doubling the lab’s throughput and enhancing its customer service, BreakTest has been an example of how direct access between programmers and clients yields amazing solutions. It has also been a illuminating discovery of just how much administration is required in this industry, and how a good solution makes huge difference.


Instant access to all your data.

No more signing, scanning, copying, sending or walking reports around the lab, only have them mysteriously disappear. BreakTest keeps all data in a well-structured central hub, enabling secure access by various levels of users. Instantly search by client name, site, or project number, and digitally sign or send hundred of reports with a click.

Easily prioritize workloads.

Much better than just displaying a number of documents in an “inbox”, BreakTest shows how many “lines” within those reports need checking, and how they are aging. This helps engineers to plan their time efficiently, get the most critical approvals done, and dramatically reduce backlog to speed up turnaround.

Better customer service.

With each project, a “hot” CC list is set up to ensure reports automatically go to key external contacts, with client preferences such as mixes and proctors being pre-set. Alternately, you can use the BreakTest remote access feature so clients can login remotely and retrieve the reports they need.

Feature packed.

BreakTest goes beyond basic functionality. Navigation feels natural, from drill-down organization to handy hyper-linking. Colour-flagging overcomes the need to scan through tons of numbers. Sticky-notes make report commenting easy. Back-date calculations prevent errors. Auto-filling of saved client data streamlines reporting throughout.

Key benefits flyers →

See more benefits of BreakTest as flyers that you can quickly download and print.


Quick and Easy Test Reports

BreakTest’s intuitive navigation, auto-completion and error-flagging enables you to create test reports in under two minutes.

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Dynamic Test Results

With automatic updates of test results on respective reports via the Daily Break Sheet, BreakTest speeds up your workflow and helps reduce paper waste in the process.

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Speedy Reviews on the Dashboard

With BreakTest, there are no papers to lug around and shuffle through. And you too can easily monitor your test lab’s overall progress or focus on specific goal in your duties.

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Swift Sending

With BreakTest, reporting your test results is no longer tedious, and you can send hundreds of reports to various stakeholders in just a couple of minutes.

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BreakTest licensing fees are based on utilization — you pay for only the reported tests.
Call us today for details on pricing.
Remember, at Mezintel you’ll always have direct access to our programmers.
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