Mezintel Depth Tracking System ⑊Simplified 

Standalone WITS-based system that interfaces with any 3rd party logging software.

In the marketplace for depth tracking systems today, there are full EDR (Electronic Drilling Recorder) systems at one end, and very basic depth tracking boxes at the other. Mezintel Depth Tracker fits nicely in the middle.

With a combination of reliable hardware components and an intuitive visual interface — it is not a full EDR, but it has many enhancements over the basic black box variety.

Technical Details
Overview brochure
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Setting up depth tracking sensors

 NEW  Mezintel’s Simplified Depth Tracking System

Three Core Parts  •  Ease of Assembly  •  Reasonably Fail Safe

Product Knowledge & Confidence of Ownership

. . . Mezintel fully informs on technical facts about composition, function, performance, rational risk assessment, and maintenance of a simplified depth tracking system.

. . . Garner confidence when buying a fully assembled product or assemble the simplified depth tracking system in-house and license Mezintel software.

THREE CORE PARTS:      1. Power Supply       2. Data Acquisition Platform       3. Intrinsically Safe Barriers


Rationale for Performance & Reliability Expectation

This is based on the following:

  • Minimal Number of Components — Mezintel’s depth tracking system has just three core parts directly available from international vendors. Other than the sensors, other components are cables, connectors, and the enclosure.
  • Components Are Suitably Rated — All components are rated as Class 1 Div 2, fitting for the application environment.
  • Communication Interface Redundancy — WITS data is streamed to multiple interfaces, namely:
    (a) Physical COM port,
    (b) Ethernet Telnet port,
    (c) Virtual COM port via Telnet
    These three methods of communication interface provide backup and redundancy.

Tight Cost Control Across Product Life Cycle

Tight cost control benefit results from engaging in-house shop in service, and maintenance of this simplified depth tracking system. Mezintel provides parts list, wiring schematics, and replacement parts vendor list to facilitate depth tracking system maintenance.

This arrangement removes cost, time burden, and latency occasioned by RMA ticketing and return shipment lead time.

Superior Usability

Mezintel Depth Tracker’s user-friendly interface provides operators with a clear, visual reference of when slips are on or off, when the pipe is being lowered, and at what speed depth is being gained.
Operators can easily configure the units (e.g. measurement system and WITS) and level of sensitivity (ROP, sample averages, and rate of data transfer).

Smooth Integration for Data Sharing

Integrate the depth tracking system with your MWD system and share data via your own wireless network. In addition, a live feed of the animated interface can be shared with other people via the network.

Easy Installation and Calibration

Mezintel Depth Tracker software can be installed on a Windows computer. The application provides a step-by-step calibration wizard that guides you on how to define hook load and encoder calibration data, as well as units for depth and ROP.

Features of Mezintel Depth Tracking System

Intuitive User Interface

Designed with the field operator in mind, Depth Tracker provides the operator with a wide range of critical downhole drilling data at a glance, providing a clearer picture of drilling process in real-time. It features animated block travelling along with an auto-scrolling depth data table which, collectively, eliminate depth-related guesswork

The user interface is optimized for touch screen, so it’s ready for use on your tablet, laptop, and desktop screens.

Rigorous Assembly Standards

From communication components and computer hardware, to sensors and cables, the Mezintel Depth Tracking system was built to withstand the harshest of conditions and deliver superior performance in a wide range of real-world drilling applications.

Key Downhole Parameters Monitored

Depth Tracking System tracks bit depth, hole depth, ROP, drill string hook load, slips in/out, block height.


Two purchase options are available for Mezintel Depth Tracker:
Assembled Package or Software License Only
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