Mezintel Gamma

Surprisingly slick. With Mezintel Gamma, the data you need is right in on your dashboard, for a smooth ride down the drilling path.

Mezintel Gamma is an MWD (Measurement While Drilling) logging software application for the oil and gas industry with more than ten years in field use maturity, and installation on hundreds of kits worldwide.

The application provides an intuitive “glass cockpit” style dashboard for field personnel, dramatically enhancing perspective and decision-making while exploring underground terrain — especially in more technically-demanding directional drilling situations.
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Consolidated Dashboard.

Thanks to tremendous input from our clients, Mezintel Gamma’s dashboard functions like the glass cockpit on an aircraft. Anomalies are highlighted, directional graphics point the way, and warnings flash if communication is lost down the hole. Recent trending data on key parameters is also right out front, so you can quickly tell if a reading is normal, or trending toward an issue.

Quick Start and auto-updates.

Just about any field technician can load up Mezintel Gamma in about 2 minutes flat. What’s more, the product maintains itself — via an upgrade feature accessible while in the field.

It’s already compatible.

Mezintel Gamma interfaces with all the popular MWD hardware platforms: GE Tensor, BenchTree, Tolteq GUIDE, Sondex Pilot, and NEG Pulse Geolink.

Laterals, Side-Tracks & Up to 24 Bit Runs Reporting.

Data filled in one main report page automatically fills all PDF log headers and footers. From the bitruns report screen you can add lateral and sidetrack bitruns and manage them from the same job.

Auto-save and data-transfer.

Your data is saved while running, and as soon as you stop working. When you re-open, everything is restored right where you left it. If you want your files on a memory stick, or grabbed off of one, Mezintel’s job backup wizard fully clones the job files so you can move them to another PC or share them over e-mail. A typical LWD job file is about 6 MB.

Features of Mezintel Gamma

Auto-process Predefined Plots, Surveys, and LAS Reports

Mezintel Gamma can automatically generate and e-mail a complete collection of directional drilling reports based on your predefined settings. Without reconfiguring or monitoring the process, MWD operators can routinely provide up-to-the-minute log plots, survey reports, and LAS files.

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Simplified Startups With Templates

Mezintel Gamma has field proven MWD Platform Templates which can be readily used to start new jobs for a variety of MWD platforms. These templates will consistently copy the correct settings for sample tags, system configuration, and WITS tags to that new job.

Mezintel MWD Platform Templates have simplified MWD gamma job startup to three-step process:

1. Choose a job template that best matches setup,
2. Configure COM ports for depth tracking (EDR) and for gamma surveys (MWD),
3. Click 'Continue' to start logging.

Compatible MWD Platforms include: GE Tensor, BenchTree, Tolteq GUIDE, Sondex Pilot BSTerm, NEG Pulse Geolink, etc.

PC-to-PC Job Transfer

Operators can move a single job of interest between computers. A backup file for a typical Mezintel Gamma job is only about 6 MB in size, small enough for quick transfers, and it is a precise clone of the original job. Included in the job file is everything from sample point, logo images, system configuration, plot line settings, bit runs, and job reports. Mezintel’s job export/import method is a convinient way to archive files for completed jobs.

Note: Both LAS 2.0 and 3.0 data formats can be imported/exported in Mezintel Gamma.

Time-stamped Memory Files & LAS Import

Mezintel Gamma saves a detailed log of time-based depth file during a drilling job. Using this time-based depth log, Mezintel Gamma can import and correlate time-stamped sample data from sample memory files supplied by various vendors. Compatible memory import files include that of more than 15 MWD systems including GE Tensor, Benchtree, CBG, Pulse Directional, Tolteq, and UPSI battery.

Mezintel Gamma imports LAS and time-based memory files in a few seconds because of using a fast bulk-insert technique of MS SQL Server. The memory file import feature allows you to verify data points successfully imported versus data points found in the original file.

Remote Logging Capability

Mezintel Gamma uses the free Desktop Edition of Microsoft SQL Server and implements remote logging using client-server low bandwidth data packet transfers. A laptop assigned with an IP address that is visible over a network or the internet is accessible for remote logging, viewing snapshots of latest logged data, and for editing system configuration. MS SQL Server permits multiple simultaneous connections that are transparent and non- intrusive to the work flow for the MWD operator in the field.

Gamma Portal

Mezintel Gamma also offers a web access portal which provides your customers with real-time Gamma & ROP logs. Gamma Portal is optimized for Internet broswsers on any device, and it adds convenience to your services to customers.

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Three Track Logging for Resistivity Jobs

Mezintel includes three tracks of charts that are necessary for resistivity logging. These tracks toggle between linear and logarithmic depth scale and includes means to configure depth offsets for samples. Imported gamma samples can also be scaled and offset separately by bit run. This allows comparing real time gamma samples and imported memory file gamma samples side-by-side.

24-Bitrun Extended Job Header

Mezintel gamma has an extended gamma log header that can expand into separate header pages as needed to include up to 24-bitruns. The job header expands a section of six bitruns for each run info page. Mezintel Gamma can, therefore, perform jobs that span several months while managing multiple bitrun information one job file.


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