Unattended Auto-Printing and Emailing of Complete Directional Drilling Report Collection

Mezintel Gamma can automatically generate and email predefined MWD reports that include

  • Survey reports,
  • LAS reports, and
  • Log plots as PDF and TIFF.

Auto-print Predefined MWD Reports Status
This feature is particularly useful for logging-while-drilling jobs that require frequent reporting updates, i.e. every few hours or less, rather than just once or twice per day.

Organisation of reporting history in a summary showing

  • Reports,
  • E-Mail recipients,
  • E-Mail message, and
  • E-Mail send status.
MWD Reporting History

Clicking on a row opens respective report or e-mail.


  • Saves time in reporting by ~90%.
  • Less errors in report file names and format.
  • Organised and traceable reporting history.
  • No more lost reports on PC.

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