How to Organize WITS Data to Send to EDR Provider

Mezintel Gamma continuously sends out data to depth tracking EDR providers such as Pason and RigSense (NOV).

On a regular basis, about every 5 seconds, WITS data packets are sent out as several lines of plain text (ASCII) that are usually comprised of Toolface, Surveys, and Gamma data.
As of version 22.00.031 [1], you have more control over the structure of the data packet.

An example of a packet of lines of WITS data as seen on the  Captured Data view in Mezintel Gamma
Notice that a packet of WITS data starts with the symbols  && and  ends with the symbol  !!

Sending Identifier Tag “1984MezintelMWD”

By default, Mezintel Gamma adds a line that identifies the source that generates the WITS packet. This identifier line is: 1984MezintelMWD

A WITS packet that includes identifier  1984MezintelMWD

Grouping WITS Tags of the Same Kind

The first two digits of the WITS lines represent the kind of data in that line. For example:

  • If line starts with 07… this means data is Surveys
  • If line starts with 08… this means data is Gamma

Mezintel Gamma has a setting to group Tags of the same kind of data together. When this setting is enabled, WITS is sent as multiple packets.

Notice WITS packets are grouped by first 2 digits.
Survey data ( 07… ) and Gamma data ( 08… ) are grouped as separate packets.

Choose Settings as Desired

Mezintel Gamma gives you the options to include the identifier tag “1984MezintelMWD” and to group data in the WITS packets.
These settings can be found on the System Status window as follows:

  • From the main menu, click Tools > Debug > View Captured Data

Modifying the settings beside the EDR Write (OUT) textbox creates the following results:

Fig. 4.1 to 4.4 show different ways to organize WITS data to be sent to the EDR provider. The default is to send data with Identifier and also Grouped (see Fig 4.1). Otherwise, the settings shown can each be achieved by using the checkboxes next to the EDR Write (Out) textbox.

Need to Upgrade?

1^ Options for organizing WITS data was introduced in version 22.00.031 (March 13, 2014).
If your Mezintel Gamma is outdated, you can use the online auto-upgrade to get the latest version.

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