3 Ways to Specify Gamma Scale Factor

You can specify a gamma scale factor for each bit run in Mezintel Gamma (version 22.00.061 [1]) using a new built-in tool that helps you derive scale factors.
You can enter a scaling factor if you know it, otherwise, if you are unsure then you can calculate or find it from the Bit Runs window:

  • In the Scale section under the bit run you want, double-click the value box for Gamma Scale Factor
    The Get Scale Factor window opens

You may also click the button to open up Get Scale Factor window.

Method 1: Enter Known Scale Factor

If you know your scaling factor…

    Under the Enter Your Own tab,

  1. Type in your number, and click OK

Method 2: Use ID/OD Formula

Gamma Scale Calculation

To calculate attenuation factor using collar ID & collar ID…

  1. Click By OD/ID Formula tab
  2. Type in your numbers, and click OK

Method 3: Use a Look-up Table

Gamma Scale List

To choose a scale factor from a list…

  1. Click By Look-up Table tab
  2. Click a row, and click OK

Need to Upgrade?

1^ This gamma scale specification tool was introduced in version 22.00.061 (July 30, 2014).
If your Mezintel Gamma is outdated, you can use the online auto-upgrade to get the latest version.

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