Tracking Problematic Lab Test Data


Properly tracking changes to deficient test sheets reduces follow-up and review cycles.

An effective lab test data tracking process:

  • Saves non-billable time for engineering staff
  • Improves report quality
  • Streamlines process flow

Continuously Track Lab Test Data to Readily Review Deficiencies

30% of New Test Sheets are Deficient & Cost Time and Effort to Resolve

Thirty percent of new concrete test forms have errors and omissions that need some kind of corrective action, preferably before early age strength tests are due (i.e. 3-day or 7–day). Items typically subject to corrections include:

  • Location of pour
  • Concrete truck delivery info
  • Mix specifications
  • Fresh concrete test results, etc

Overhead for Resolving Test Sheet Errors and Omission

To resolve test form errors and omissions, the reviewer needs to annotate a printed copy of the test sheet and route it to the admin or tech staff for corrective action. The test sheet is then returned to reviewer for approval.
Test sheet corrective action cycle increases operational costs per test cylinder, is disruptive to the daily workflow, and requires good record keeping and follow-up. Since concrete testing is charged by the cylinder such overhead adds undesirable non-billable overhead and reduces profit per cylinder. If testing around 50 concrete samples daily, with 3 samples per report, errors and omissions may account for 4 hours (15 reports ✕ 15 minutes) of overhead to correct and resolve missing test data.

Tracking Changes for Accurate and Faster Approval


BreakTest’s Dashboard tells how many tests need a second look, and shows a change log for each test report.

Testing lab teams that use BreakTest can categorize deficient tests as ‘Needing Action’ resulting in BreakTest putting the tests in a ‘watch list’ on the Dashboard. When this is done, any changes on the form get logged for review against the requested corrections. This accelerates the review cycle and captures unrequested inadvertent changes that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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